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These snarky candles from Lake Stevens are worth obsessing over.  Watch It 

Malicious Women Candle Co. feature unapologetically bold and funny labels, addressing topics like divorce, depression, parenthood, friendship, and fitness.Author: Kim Holcomb - Published: 7:30 PM PST March 5, 2018

Candles from Lake Stevens make their way to Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon, and Oprah - KING 5 Evening Watch It

Author: Kim Holcomb - Published:  March 5, 2018 

The sassiest candles around are made by some Malicious Women in Lake Stevens. Watch It

A visit to Malicious Women Candles literally lights you up,. and leaves you smiling. There's a label for "The World's Okayest Mom", "They Whine So I Wine", and "She Believed She Could, BUt She Was Really Tired, So She Didn't".

This Lake Stevens candlemaker waxes profane. Read It

Her products are dripping sarcasm. “Have a friend going through a divorce? I have a candle for that.”The Everett Herald - By  Andrea Brown Tuesday, March 27,

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Jane Kelly Photography - Jan 24, 2018 

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